Building A Brand Strategy That Emulates The Intellect, Instincts & Strengths Of Black Panther

Black Panther’s Hunting - (And Brand) Strategy

Black Panther, known as the ghost of the jungle shows the rarest attributes of unbreakable focus, powerful instincts, and piercing awareness that define its hunting strategy. This helps the awe-inspiring animal to survive even in the harshest environments of the world. A brand strategy calls for the same abilities - to stay extremely focused, informed, and aware of the purpose, the vision, the mission, and the target audience. This helps in building a strategy that survives in the ruthlessly competitive market.

Learn more about the secret strategic traits of the ghost of the jungle - as we connect it with the different layers in strategy unveiled below.

Brand Positioning

Black Panther defines an unmatched position in the jungle. The melanistic cat shows unique ways of deeply connecting with the forest and increasing its chances of survival. It loves living in solitude - up on the trees - camouflaging from other animals, and with the bravery to traverse the unknown. Connecting with these facts, a brand needs to define its positioning by defining its unique benefits and competitive advantages. In the effort, this should lead to establishing a deep emotional connection with the customers. This will decide how your company is perceived by the customers in the vast market - where competition remains unpredictable.

User Personas

Just like the Black Panther, when you are aware and informed - of your user profiles - it helps you in mapping out the scenarios in which the targeted audience can interact with your brand. Ultimately, the informed interactions support in predicting pain points and further facilitate comprehension of functionality and user behavior.

Audience Understanding

Black Panther has exceptional smartness that adds up to the potential of survival and growth. Likewise, a smart segmentation helps in discovering customer needs and eventually the potential for growth. The melanistic cat has an incredible vision and hearing sense that helps during the nighttime. Especially when it is looking for prey and protecting itself from predators. Brand strategy requires that powerful sense of examining behaviors, motivations, and frustrations of specific groups so that it can fulfill the gap and make it a competitive edge.

Brand Attributes

Brand attributes express the qualities of a brand from the inside out. They bring out the personality, functionality, and physical characteristics using the power of imagery, language, actions, and assumptions. All in all, the attributes are responsible for how the brand is identified. The black coat that helps the melanistic cat in camouflaging - and the penetrating eyes that clearly speak of its dominant presence are two powerful features of its identity. Brand attributes should be just as impactful enough to build an obvious identity.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is a vital step for any emerging business. This process distinguishes the strengths and weaknesses in a brand’s competitive landscape enabling your company to have a clear and practical view of the market and target audience. Black Panther uses its intelligence to make every move in order to survive in the forest. Similarly, you need to make intelligent decisions about what ways will help to grow your brand.

Brand Messaging & Voice

Black Panther is a silent animal. It uses unique ways of communication only when it wants to reach out to the mating partner. It purrs, hisses, snarls, or growls to send different signals.

Your brand messaging and voice should have that clear signal that reaches targeted customers. Without unnecessary flashiness, and meaningful soberness your brand messaging and voice can come out appealingly.

Jan 25, 2021

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